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publié le 03 mars 2014

Discover Bourgogne Aujourd’hui!


Who are we ? What is Bourgogne Aujourd’hui ? This
French magazine, which is presented to you today in english on Internet, was
founded in 1994 by Burgundians. Seven issues, one of which is a special
edition, are published every year. Today still, the magazine is written by
journalists who live in Burgundy, and who therefore have a deep understanding
of the region; and access to information unobtainable by others, despite their

The other
key fact about the magazine is independence :
capital and edition. No subject is taboo; and above all, opinions expressed by
the magazine are « ordered » by the absolute necessity to objectively
inform the consumer, our readers. If occasionally wineprofessionals, winegrowers and negotiants aren’t “satisfied” by our
articles, too bad!

content of the
magazine is extremely varied and conscientiously studies the subject,
« Burgundy wine», from all points of view : complete buying
guides and best wine makers, vertical tastings in companies, presentations of vintages and appellations, history, economy, news, technique, gastronomy, Burgundy
« travel guides », etc. The magazine also examines other regions
since three special issues per year are proposed (Beaujolais and crémants); and
more recently, studies are carried out on other regions: minerals of Alsacian grands
crus, the Piémont region, « cousin » of Burgundy, etc.

The tastings and buying guides constitute the core of the
magazine. Every year about 7 000 – 8 000 samples are totally blind
tasted by journalists from the magazine, but also by enologists, knowledgeable amateurs,
wine stewards, merchants, growers, etc. These tastings cover all  appellations, wines in low price ranges,
between 5 and 10 euros per bottle to grands crus, selling at 100 euros and much more.

And that’s
what’s essential ! But rather than trying to convince you with long
speeches, we prefer giving you free access to a « typical » issue of the magazine. This
« discovery » edition was carried out with articles mostly published
in the last edition (n°116 – February-March 2014). Happy reading !

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